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Business Items

Our Business Items:

According to customers’ demands, we develop, design, and manufacture various beautiful colors plastic membrane cellophanes papers, food and medicine vacuum packing aluminum foil papers, a wide variety of moisture-proof and disinfectant bags.
We manufacture various types of bags, such as zipper bags, standup bags, stand up bags with zipper, two side seal bags, three side seal bags, quad seal bags, quad seal bags with zipper, side gusset bags, side gusset bags with zipper, side gusset bags with side closing, vacuum bag, kraft paper bag, handle bag, and etc.

Business Department:

The important mission for business department includes the communication between customers and company, talent’s cultivation, professional knowledge training and customer service.

Design and Output:

We do believe that the new design and recreation can give product infinite vigor and life. In the way of the era change, we continuously develop and research the new design concept and combine with the newest computer facilities and professional designers, promote working efficiency and customers’ service, fully solve various kinds of software/hardware technical problems to achieve our highest guideline for meeting customers’ requirements.

Plate-making and Printing:

Our professional operators have more than ten years manufacturing experience and enrich knowledge in each kind of paper material, ink color and printing technology, so our product can satisfy customers’ requirements. We also have pre-printing proofing press. We have super resolution converter and the enlarging screen can help to fix the position of the copper plate. Its position fixing is of high accuracy. It can decrease the error owing to fixing the position by human eyes. The circumference of the tremendous large printing roller is 2500m/m. depending on the size of the copper plate’s circumference; we can print more than two samples at a time for the convenience of inspection. The speed of making a proof is adjustable. We can adjust cooperating with the thickness of materials and the property of the printing ink the client uses. The professional ink toning facilities can make a precise ink analysis for each color, make the ink color more accurate in printing, and decrease the error.

Bag making:

We have perfect machine facilities, conform to each kind of packing styles of modern diversities products and use each type of new imported bags making machines. In addition, we can adjust and deal with each kind of packing bags (materials) according to the specifications required by customers, continuously maintain the stable and good quality to make customers’ packing styles are different from others.


We continuously promote products quality, keep up the high quality policy, purchase various inspection instruments, and make our products conform to the international standard through the standard process.

We have been manufacturing each kind of cellophane papers, laminated bags, and aluminum foil paper packing materials for many years. Under the strict quality control, we can dominate the complete production progress, fully solve problems and promote production member’s quality and capability. Besides, we also deeply analyze and research each kind of materials and characters, periodically hold meetings, discuss the new technology and continuously promote our production capability and speed to make our products become more beautiful, dignified and useful multifunctional packing bags than others(Our zip lock bags and stand up bags with zipper can be resealable…). Since establishment, we have been stuck to the high quality policy, invested a large sum of money and purchased the modern speed production facilities; thus, we not only provide our customers with products quickly, but also can reach our common aims of zero defects.
Competition is dependent on high quality. We hold the belief in pursuit of perfection. All departmental staffs devote efforts to the production process and continuously innovate ideas with their serious attitudes. In conformity with senior technicians, we adopt professional automatic production with good products quality and fast delivery; also with a large quantity of production capability, so we are the reliable partner for you.